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2010-08-02 11:31:52 by Zerocircuit

Well here is my audio. Listen to it. Yep. Thats about it :D

Impatience >:P

2010-07-31 10:35:23 by Zerocircuit

I'm getting a little irritated because i've submitted 4 or 5 songs and so far it's taking an entire 5 days for them to get moderated. They're not stolen and nothing is wrong with them. But it's taking quite a while. Grr.

Hello ^_^

2010-07-28 11:48:24 by Zerocircuit

For anyone who for some reason looks at my page, i've been making music on FL studio for 4 or 5 years, and i play a number of instruments, so that's it for my musical experience. So as soon as the moderators actually look at the songs and accept me or whatever, my songs will be on newgrounds. But for now i still don't have anything up >_< Anyway, i'm Zerocircuit. I'm on newgrounds now.

Hello ^_^